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Constitution & Management

The Lancaster Community Music Centre is operated by Lancaster Community Music Trust, a company limited by guarantee (company no. 02944161). The company is a registered charity (no 1062049).

The management of the Trust is undertaken by a board of unpaid volunteer trustees. Under the present constitution the Trust must have a minimum of three trustees to function. Applications from persons willing to act as trustees are always welcomed as new trustees are needed to secure the long term future of the Trust. Trustee appointments can be made at any time in the year.

Membership of the Trust is secured automatically for all families or individuals registered as members of the Music Centre. Trust membership entitles each registered family or individual to one vote at any meeting of members.

The present trustees and their dates of appointment are as follows:

R Frankland - 18 July 1994
T Forsdick - 18 January 1996

B Pinkse - 17 October 2018

M Edgar - 19 January 2023

A McCaig - 19 January 2023

F Roe - 19 January 2023


The Company Secretary is R Hutchison - 16 November 2011

The present constitution of the Lancaster Community Music Trust, otherwise known as the Memorandum & Articles of Association, is available for download as a PDF file.



The management of the Lancaster Community Music Centre is carried out primarily by the volunteer trustees. Further voluntary assistance is provided, particularly on Music Centre open days, by Music Centre members.  The Music Centre is a community based charity and can only function if sufficient offers of voluntary assistance are forthcoming. 

Below is a downloadable file that provides an indication of all the tasks that have to be covered for the Music Centre to continue to function in its present form. This includes Trust matters as well as matters relating to the Music Centre. Offers of assistance in respect of any matters included therein are needed and will be welcomed, and should be communicated to

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